Mission & Philosophy

Mission & Philosophy

At Sharp General Contractors, our mission is to build exceptional construction projects and relationships by going beyond the standard in offering genuinely personal client interactions, and delivering each project on time and on budget.

We consistently accomplish this mission by insisting that attention to detail, integrity and honesty are daily practice. Although nearly every project poses a new challenge, we meet these challenges with creativity, innovation and clear communication.

The success of your project is not simply a goal, but an expectation.

Phrases like ‘attention to detail’, ‘on time and on budget’, and ‘integrity and honesty’ are commonplace. However, we know that what ultimately matters most to our clients is time, money, and the finished product.

We pride ourselves on 100% client satisfaction and we intend to uphold this standard. In doing so, we constantly remind ourselves, our employees and our subcontractors of this expectation, and we embrace it as motivation. We know that if a client won’t recommend us when the project is complete, we have failed and our company cannot survive.

Innovative Approach

When challenges present themselves, we believe in approaching them with positivity, creativity, and innovation. While some contractors might resort to change orders or “can’t do” attitudes, our first response is to determine suggestions that lead to a quality solution that is both budget and timeline efficient.

Communication is Key: Over-communicate and Assume Nothing

We cannot overstate the importance of clear, consistent communication with both our clients and our subcontractors. Examples of our commitment to communication include things like daily conference calls with a client, text messages with up-to-the-minute photos, and industry- specific technology used with subcontractors, to name a few. We know that communication is largely responsible for making sure time, money and the end result are considered at all times.